This Festive Season, support people with disability to participate in the community

The past year has had its share of challenges, but our connection with each other and our community has helped us through it. People with disability and their families whom we support certainly expressed to us how important staying connected has been for them.

Yooralla was unwavering in our focus on safety for our participants and employees. We also found new ways of coming together.

Throughout 2021, Yooralla hosted online community forums that served as channels for sharing information, hearing and responding immediately to feedback and any concerns that people might have. The social aspect of these gatherings has also been appreciated by attendees who generously share stories, thoughts and ideas. Laughter is often a part of these discussions.

These forums are one of the most important pillars of our pandemic response and we will be hosting more of them in the future.

As an essential service, Yooralla has been committed to delivering safely critical support to people with disabilty, whether in our residential and respite facilities or in individuals' homes or our community hubs.

However, not all costs for the supports we have delivered and the safety measures we have implemented are funded. Donations to our festive season appeal will help us with the costs of the additional measures that we have in place for as long as necessary to keep people with disability, their families and our employees safe.

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